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The Analogy between the Relativity of Simultaneity and Information Dissemination

Date: December 24 2022

Summary: A thought on the analogy between the relativity of simultaneity and information dissemination in consideration of Marshall MacLuhan's concept of the 'action and reaction'

Keywords: #action #reaction #analogy #relativity #simultaneity #information #archive


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Table of Contents

    1. Motivation
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I was motivated to write this thought while writing my review on Marshall MacLuhan's masterpiece, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, while ruminating on his idea that I refer to as the "action and reaction". It feels as though there exists an analogy between Einstein's notion of relativity of simultaneity and MacLuhan's idea concept of "action and reaction" – this note attempts to explain that analogous relationship.

- Include Gif like this:
- How information from Einstein's concept is received relative to time
- How action and reaction occurs simultaneously
- How knowledge dissemination and uptake can change over time 
	- Some will be ready to use the knowledge 
	- Others will be slow to adapt 

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Zelko, Jacob. The Analogy between the Relativity of Simultaneity and Information Dissemination. December 24 2022.



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