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  1. About Me, Jacob S. Zelko – welcome to the cedar ledge! πŸ‘‹
  2. What about Fun Stuff Like Hobbies? 🎸
  3. How to Use the cedar ledge? πŸ’»
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About Me, Jacob S. Zelko – welcome to the cedar ledge! πŸ‘‹

Visit this link to see my CV πŸ“„

My name is Jacob S. Zelko! I graduated Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in biomedical engineering. I work at Georgia Tech Research Institute in the HEAT Division as a researcher and am a Contractor for the Centers for Disease Control.

My research career has focused on mental health – in particular, examining bipolar disorder, depression, and suicidality. This focus has led me to studying about the social determinants of health, neurocognitive disabilities, and health equity. Additionally, I have vested interests in observational health research and am an active member of OHDSI, open and reproducible science, knowledge management, science education, and as a practicing Christian, the intersection of faith communities and science.

What about Fun Stuff Like Hobbies? 🎸

In terms of hobbies, I study Category Theory with the AlgebraicJulia community and record my learnings on Crash Course Category Theory (C3T). In the open source world, I am the co-creator of JuliaAnimators and the animation engine, Javis.jl, and stream its development on my educational Twitch channel to teach software engineering, programming, and development patterns. Finally, my more eclectic and smaller hobbies include reading, writing, electric and acoustic guitar, stenography, running, and traveling.

How to Use the cedar ledge? πŸ’»

This website not only consists of blog posts, but is also my knowledge base. The main sections are broken up as follows:

Is My Privacy Safe? πŸ”’

Yes. I collect analytics using GoatCounter which has a very stringent privacy policy including not tracking users. Any comments pass through giscus which does not store or collect any information from visitors. Any comment made on any post is mirrored onto the site's GitHub Discussons section.

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