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Abstract Data Types

Date: October 5 2021

Summary: An overview and summary on what are abstract data types and what kinds exist

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Table of Contents

    1. Definitions
    2. Characteristics
    3. Abstract Data Types
      1. List Abstract Data Type
        1. Minimum Required Operations
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  2. References
  3. Discussion:


The details of Abstract Data Types are left vague (i.e. abstract) so that various languages can make their own implementations.


Abstract Data Types

List Abstract Data Type

List Abstract Data Type - is a sequence of data values accessible via indexing.

Minimum Required Operations

Any data at an index of i where it is \geq the value of index, has a new value of i + 1 to make space for the inserted data.

Any data with an index i where i is >> index has a new index of i - 1 to "shrink" the list of objects.

How To Cite

Zelko, Jacob. Abstract Data Types. October 5 2021.



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