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The Origins Of Terrorism: Cross-country Estimates Of Socio-economic Determinants Of Terrorism

Date: August 28 2022

Summary: Brief summary of paper examining socioeconomic impacts or determinants of terroristic ideology

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A. Freytag, J. J. Krüger, D. Meierrieks, and F. Schneider, "The origins of terrorism: Cross-country estimates of socio-economic determinants of terrorism," European Journal of Political Economy, vol. 27, pp. S5–S16, Dec. 2011, doi: 10.1016/j.ejpoleco.2011.06.009.

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I personally only found this paper mildly interesting. In my research in terrorism, I was not as interested in this sort of research literature as it was too granular for what I was investigating – which was a broad level of investigation as an initial pass.

Their biggest takeaway from their study was that they found contrary to mainstream literature now, there is a socioeconomic impact to account for when researching terrorism. This especially extends the poor socioeconomic conditions individuals find themselves in such as insufficient welfare policies, economic discrimination, and low levels of economic openness. (e.g., Burgoon, 2006; Blomberg and Hess, 2008; Krieger and Meierrieks, 2010; Caruso and Schneider, 2011) Additionally, to fight terrorism, they surmised that improving socioeconomic conditions could in fact counter terrorist growth.

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