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Intellectual and Developmental Disability and COVID-19 Case-fatality Trends: TriNetX Analysis

Date: July 19 2020

Summary: Intellectual and developmental disability and association with COVID-19 fatalities

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M. A. Turk, S. D. Landes, M. K. Formica, and K. D. Goss, "Intellectual and developmental disability and COVID-19 case-fatality trends: TriNetX analysis," Disability and Health Journal, p. 100942, May 2020, doi: 10.1016/j.dhjo.2020.100942.

Table of Contents

    1. Data Methods
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  3. Discussion:

The central hypotheses of this paper are:

  1. IDD persons have higher prevalence of conditions associated with higher COVID-19 morbidity and mortality outcomes

  2. Case-fatality rate would be higher for COVID19 individuals with IDD than without IDD.

Data Methods

COVID-19 patients were defined as those with either a COVID-19 diagnosis code or a positive SARS-CoV-2 laboratory test result since January 20, 2020. Patients were categorized as those with and without diagnosed developmental disability, including intellectual disability (F70-79), cerebral palsy (G80), Down syndrome (Q90), and other developmental disabilities (F80-89, Q91-99).

Documentation was provided for comorbidities related to risk for severe outcomes with COVID-19 up to the date of the first COVID-19 documentation. Trends in number of cases, number of deaths, and case-fatality rates were compared between COVID19 patients with IDD and without IDD. Age distributions for number of cases and number of deaths were computed for both patient groups. Deaths occurring within 30 days of the date of first COVID-19 documentation in the EMR were identified and used to calculate case-fatality rates and 95% confidence intervals. Age groups were selected based upon the knowledge that COVID-19 rates are substantially lower among children, [1] and that a disproportionately lower percent of adults with IDD live into older age. [2]

We excluded patients with diagnosis codes of other specified viral infection (ICD-9 code: 097.89) or suspected exposure to other biologic agents (ICD-10 code: Z03.818) during the same timeframe

How To Cite

Zelko, Jacob. Intellectual and Developmental Disability and COVID-19 Case-fatality Trends: TriNetX Analysis. July 19 2020.


[1] CDC, “Severe outcomes among patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)—United States, February 12–March 16, 2020,” MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep, vol. 69, no. 12, pp. 343–346, 2020.

[2] S. Landes, J. Stevens, and M. Turk, “Heterogeneity in age at death for adults with developmental disability,” J. Intellect. Disabil. Res., vol. 63, no. 12, pp. 1482–1487, 2019.


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