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Date: July 18 2020

Summary: An overview of what the TriNetX COVID-19 research platform is and how it works

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Table of Contents

    1. ICD10 Codes for COVID19 from TriNetX
    2. LOINC COVID19 Codes
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  2. References
  3. Discussion:

The TriNetX COVID-19 Research Network Platform is a network of EMR data from 42 health care organizations designed to facilitate research related to COVID-19. [1], [2]

TriNetX provides access to de-identified aggregate EMR data including information such as [1], [2]:

ICD10 Codes for COVID19 from TriNetX


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Zelko, Jacob. TriNet. July 18 2020.


[1] J. Stacey and M. Mehta, โ€œUsing EHR data extraction to streamline the clinical trial process,โ€ Clin. Res., vol. 4, pp. 2โ€“7, 2017.

[2] M. Stapff, โ€œUse of electronic health data in clinical development,โ€ Pharm. Ind, vol. 79, no. 2, pp. 204โ€“210, 2017.


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