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Date: July 12 2020

Summary: A summary of what the ultralearning framework is

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S. Young, Ultralearning. HarperCollins Publishers, 2019.

Table of Contents

    1. Principles of Metalearning
    2. Make a Roadmap for a Learning Project
      1. What Is the Project and What Does It Entail?
      2. How Do We Approach The Project?
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Ultralearning: An intensive, self-directed study framework for quickly acquiring skills and knowledge.

Principles of Metalearning

  1. Make a roadmap for the skill you want to learn. Determine how best to learn the subject or skill you want to tackle.

  2. Optimize your situation to make learning and concentrating, easy.

  3. Learn by doing the thing you want to become good at.

  4. Master your weakest points by seeking relentless improvement in those areas.

  5. Test and push yourself to remember information as opposed to simply viewing it.

  6. Feedback is not fun but use it and don't let your ego cloud useful insights.

  7. Know why and what you forget. Begin to remember information for long-term benefit.

  8. Build a thorough understanding of concepts via experimenting or playing with new ideas.

Make a Roadmap for a Learning Project

You should invest ~10 percent of your expected learning time into research prior to starting a project.

What Is the Project and What Does It Entail?

When asking the question of "What" regarding a learning project, break the knowledge of a subject into "Concepts," "Facts," and "Procedures." This enables the understanding of concepts to be understood in flexible ways. Thankfully, when breaking done this information, facts generally only need to be memorized but a deep understanding may not be not required. In the same vein, procedures are actions that need to be performed and do not involve much conscious thinking.

How Do We Approach The Project?

Employing the Emphasize/Exclude Method is to find areas of study that align with identified goals. Part of this method is to omit or delay from your curriculum material which do not align with your goals. Familiarize yourself with what is common for benchmarking, or the ways people learn a skill or subject, regarding your project.

Directness: learning being directly related to the way you want to use the information.

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