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Notes on Managing Open Source Organizations

Date: June 20 2023

Summary: A collected overview on various comments from Julia organization organizers on how to effectively build up an open source organization

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J. Zelko, β€œJulia Orgs, How Do You Manage Logistics?,” Julia Programming Language, Jun. 16, 2023. (accessed Jun. 20, 2023).

Table of Contents

    1. Motivation
    2. Structure Organization for Sustainability
    3. Organization Guidelines
    4. Managing Package Development
    5. Community Outreach and Communication
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As I have been involved with and have started various open source organizations in the past, I wanted to learn more about how other organizations within the Julia community manage this. In particular, as I am getting more serious about bolstering JuliaHealth, I want to make sure to do this as effectively as possible. These were some comments and notes from folks within the Julia Community who made suggestions on how to approach this effectively.

Structure Organization for Sustainability

Organization Guidelines

Managing Package Development

Community Outreach and Communication

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Zelko, Jacob. Notes on Managing Open Source Organizations. June 20 2023.



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