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Cuebiq Mobility Data Summary

Date: June 8 2021

Summary: An overview of where Cuebiq mobility data comes from and a highlight of some of its key variables.

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Cuebiq, "Mobility Insights - Cuebiq," Jun. 08, 2021. (accessed Jun. 08, 2021).

Table of Contents

    1. Origins of the Data
    2. Mobility Metrics
  1. How To Cite
  2. References:
  3. Discussion:

Origins of the Data

Cuebiq collects 1st party location data from over twenty five million active users daily. The data covers the continental US and excludes Hawaii and Alaska. Cuebiq brokers with 100+ applications to collect this location data. This creates a diversity of data from opted-in individuals while preserving anonymity. [1]

Mobility Metrics

Shelter-In-Place: Percent of devices staying within 300 ft of home each day

Cuebiq Contact Index: When > 1 devices are within 50ft of one another for > 5min. [1]

Cuebiq Mobility Index: How far devices move each day. It is calculated using a derivative factor indicating the distance between opposite corners of a box drawn around the locations observed for devices on each day.

How To Cite

Zelko, Jacob. Cuebiq Mobility Data Summary. June 8 2021.


[1] Cuebiq, “Mobility Insights - Cuebiq,” Jun. 08, 2021. (accessed Jun. 08, 2021).


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