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Householder Notation

Date: June 3 2020

Summary: Summary of how Householder notation works

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Householder notation is very simple:

  1. Scalars are denoted as lowercase Greek letters: α\alpha. β\beta, γ\gamma, ...

  2. Vectors are represented as lowercase English letters: aa, bb, cc, ...

  3. Matrices are denoted as uppercase English letters: AA, BB, CC, ...

  4. Vector transposes are denoted with the apostrophe ( ' )

  5. Vector or matrix multiplication uses the star character ( * )


  1. The inner product can be expressed as uv=αu' * v = \alpha (i.e. a transposed vector times a vector yields a scalar)

  2. The outer product can be expressed similarly as uv=Au * v' = A (i.e. a vector times a transposed vector yields a matrix)

  3. Quadratic/bilinear forms can be written as uAv=βu' * A * v = \beta (i.e. a transposed vector times a matrix times a vector yields a scalar)

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