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Study Design Suggestions

Date: May 30 2023

Summary: Suggestions on creating a network study design

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Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics Collaborative, The Book of OHDSI. OHDSI, 2021. [Online]. Available:

Table of Contents

    1. Motivation
    2. Things To Avoid
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These are some best practices found across a variety of resources that describe how to structure an observational health study.

Things To Do

Things To Avoid

The above avoidance suggestions does have some strong caveats however. In the context of a network study, there exists a tension between the idealized, "in theory" idea of a study design and the "in practice" study design. In practice, an idealized design may fail, not scientifically, but due to implementation details that were not foreseen. Furthermore, when considering an international audience, there could even be a serious design failure when not considering regional or country level differences.

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