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What Are Study Packages?

Date: May 30 2023

Summary: How OHDSI defines study packages as well as generally what these are

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Table of Contents

    1. Motivation
    2. OHDSI Understanding of Study Packages
      1. Commentary
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Building understanding of study packages across different contexts.

OHDSI Understanding of Study Packages

How OHDSI understands study packages: A completely traceable and reproducible process in the form of software. [1]


With the current trajectory of the OHDSI community, I am worried that the ambitions of "traceability" and "reproducibility" are slowly becoming less a focus within the community despite being so heavily touted. There are several concerns I personally have about this goal such as:

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Zelko, Jacob. What Are Study Packages?. May 30 2023.


[1] Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics Collaborative, The Book of OHDSI. OHDSI, 2021.Available:


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