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Observational Research Studies

Date: May 16 2021


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Table of Contents

    1. Prior to Research Studies
    2. Protocol Creation
      1. Guidelines
      2. Tools for Protocol Management
  1. How To Cite
  2. References
  3. Discussion:

Prior to Research Studies

Before beginning an observational research study, it is important to lay down a rigorous and robust framework for how the study is to be conducted. This keeps questioning on a guided path that leads to direct and actionable results. [1]

Protocol Creation


  1. Study population ought be explained to where others could reproduce it.

  2. Methods or statistical methods must be described fully.

  3. Expected outcomes ought be fully enumerated.

Tools for Protocol Management

studyProtocolsOHDSI sandbox for managing Protocols

How To Cite

Zelko, Jacob. Observational Research Studies. May 16 2021.


[1] Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics Collaborative, The Book of OHDSI. OHDSI, 2021.


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