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Date: May 2 2022

Summary: Exhaustive landscape analysis looking into telehealth opportunities and challenges

Keywords: ##bibliography #telehealth #cpt #quality #multistate #licensing #archive


R. Tuckson, M. Edmunds, and M. Hodgkins, “Telehealth,” New England Journal of Medicine, Oct. 2017. Accessed: Apr. 29, 2022. [Online]. Available:

Table of Contents

    1. Definitions
    2. Challenges in Telehealth
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  3. Discussion:

A literature survey of telehealth insights.


- Interchangeably used with telemedicine
- Transferring medical information between sites via telecommunications to improve patient health [1]

Challenges in Telehealth

- Get in the way currently of how individuals get paid for telehealth
- CPT Editorial panel working on this circa 2015
- Federation of State Medical Boards created the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
	- Ease multistate licensing [2]
	- Not all states involved at the time of publication
- National Quality Forum developing telehealth framework
	- Telehealth Framework To Support Measure Development 2016 - 2017
		- Developed to identify existing and potential telehealth metrics

How To Cite

Zelko, Jacob. Telehealth. May 2 2022.


[1] “About telemedicine. Washington, DC: American Telemedicine Association.” (accessed May 02, 2022).

[2] “Understanding the Medical Licensure Compact,” Federation of State Medical Boards, 2013. Accessed: May 02, 2022. [Online]. Available:


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