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Global Programming Paradigm

Date: April 18 2020

Summary: A thought on a global overlapping paradigm for developing useful and just-in-time software

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I read a Q&A article on Barbara Liskov [1] and the author made a very interesting comparison between Liskov's work of designing paradigms for creating well structured and crafted code with that of a Poet or Novelist. I have heard of comparisons like this before but I was quite intrigued by the latter – a programmer being compared to a writer. What piqued my interest the most about the article was the following statement,

"As a computer scientist thinking about code, Liskov had no physical objects to work with. Like a novelist or a poet, she was staring at a blank page." (emphasis added)

The end of that statement, "blank page", reminded me of the book How to Take Smart Notes [2] and my note on the book where Ahrens essentially believes that starting with a blank page is the wrong idea in writing. I wonder if the same could be true about programming. In effect, does a global approach to building software make more sense than to artificially package each and every piece of software separately? Could an approach like the Zettelkasten method where, according to its principles, each thought is kept to itself and then linked to different associated pieces of knowledge, map to software development?

Upon reflection upon this note some time later, I think I was thinking about the concept of composition and composition of software!

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Zelko, Jacob. Global Programming Paradigm. April 18 2020.


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