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Electrodermal Activity

Date: March 23 2020

Summary: A summary of what electrodermal activity is and its use as a biomarker and use in signal processing.

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Table of Contents

    1. Handling Signal
  1. How To Cite
  2. References
  3. Discussion:
- **Summary:** What electrodermal activity is and its pros and cons as a biomarker
- **Summary:** An overview of common artifacts in EDA signals

Handling Signal

- **Summary:** A simple, transparent, flexible, and automated quality assessment procedure for ambulatory EDA data
- **Rationale:** FANTASTIC implementation on how to parse through EDA artifact -- very useful with a straight-forward algorithm to use
- **Summary:** An overview on commonly used signal processing methods to remove artifacts from signals.
- **Rationale:** Moving average filters seem to hold the most promise in processing EDA.
- **Summary:** Assessment of stress in call center employees using skin conductance sensors to measure SCR/EDA.
- **Rationale:** Showed useful methods on how to process EDA data of a small cohort

How To Cite

Zelko, Jacob. Electrodermal Activity. March 23 2020.



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