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GTD Implementation

Date: March 19 2020

Summary: A guide on how GTD is implemented.

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Table of Contents

    1. Implementation
    2. Implementation Flow Chart
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GTD consists of utilizing lists to break down information as it enters your brain. Here are the main lists used:

  1. The Intake - this is raw information that may come in from your colleagues, class, or situation.

  2. Projects - this contains what projects you have going on

  3. Next Actions - tasks that require immediate or imminent volition go here

  4. Waiting For - tasks that you delegate or are waiting on others to accomplish

  5. Future List - tasks or ideas that may be a stretch at the current moment but worth revisiting

Implementation Flow Chart

It can be somewhat confusing to parse the intake; this flow diagram shows and easy to use method of how to break down information:

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Zelko, Jacob. GTD Implementation. March 19 2020.



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