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Daily Planning in a Bullet Journal

Date: March 19 2020

Summary: How to create a daily plan when using a bullet journal.

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Table of Contents

    1. Keys
    2. Task Symbols
      1. Example
        1. To-do's:
        2. Review:
      2. Short Form Journaling Symbols
        1. Example
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  3. Discussion:

Generally speaking, you want the daily entry to:

  1. Be concise and minimal

  2. Contain your tasks for the day

  3. Contain your agenda for the day

You could Split each entry in half with daily agenda on top and tasks on the bottom


A general rule of thumb is to keep symbology as simple as possibly in bullet journal. Therefore, here are the biggest and most important symbols in bullet journaling!

Task Symbols

Here are some common symbols one can use for task management and daily review:

? - I am a migrated task - I was either moved to a later day ? - I am a task in progress ? - I am a completed task!



Short Form Journaling Symbols

Here are symbols one can use for writing short form thoughts and journal entries:

❔ - This is something I want to learn more about ⚡ - this is an idea I had


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