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Weekly Planning in a Bullet Journal

Date: March 19 2020

Summary: How to create a weekly plan when using a bullet journal.

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Table of Contents

    1. Layout
    2. Preview
    3. Review
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The weekly plan is very similar to the monthly plan but is on a much smaller scale. If anything, it is much more similar to a weekly planner with an added twist of being an exercise in reflection and journaling. The weekly plan comprises of two main parts being:

  1. Preview - where you plan for the week ahead

  2. Review - where you reflect on the previous week


Generally, it is very brief and contains the following:

  1. Major to-do's of the week

  2. Major events of the week marked on corresponding day

  3. Review of the previous week in a short form journal

Also, one could also include something like a habit tracking system for each week as well.


Here is encompassed the first two points being:

  1. Major to-do's of the week

  2. Major events of the week marked on corresponding day

This is where you schedule each day of the week based on your schedule. One can use the "Next Actions" and "Waiting For" list from the GTD framework to plan out your to-do's in a much more structured and useful way.


Here is where the last point of the layout comes in - a reflection in the form of a short form journal. This is meant to be a brief professional reflection on the week and to reflect on the:

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