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Date: March 17 2020

Summary: An overview on Nassim Taleb's thoughts on Antifragility.

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Table of Contents

    1. Examples from Taleb's Model
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Nassim Taleb coined the word "antifragile" to describe systems or objects that, rather than not adapting to an environment, adapts and improves over time as a function of perturbation found in a variable environment.

Antifragile systems or objects gain from disorder and thrives on volatility and variability within reason for that given system.

Examples from Taleb's Model

  1. An antifragile system is not like a coffee mug - a coffee mug does not get stronger the more you use it but rather is at risk the more you use it. As a result, a coffee mug is fragile.

  2. A cannonball however is not antifragile. You can shoot it out of a cannon, drop it, carry it, etc. Within reason, it is not going to change or adapt to the situation - it is robust.

  3. A person however is antifragile. Before a person can lift a bale of hay, they must first carry the lamb to pasture. Meaning, a person can adapt and change themselves to fit to the situation at hand - though, not immediately. They can make these changes proactively or anticipate needs for a given situation and adapt accordingly.

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