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Principles of the Zettelkasten

Date: December 2 2022

Summary: General principles on how to create and use a Zettelkasten.

Keywords: ##zettel #zettelkasten #principles #atomicity #archive


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  1. "Principle of Atomicity" – each zettel should contain only one idea (principle credited to Christian Tietze).

  2. Each zettel should be self-contained and understandable as a standalone scrap of thought.

  3. Link each zettel and explain why you are linking them together.

  4. Reword gathered information in your own words (unless if it is a verbatim quote or something).

  5. Add references to each zettel.

  6. Don't be afraid to add your own ideas to the Zettelkasten – embrace it.

  7. Have no fear when it comes to organization – the order will arise organically in the Zettelkasten.

  8. Never delete a zettel and don't worry too much about when you create zettels; the more information the better.

  9. Don't overthink the Zettelkasten. Keep it simple and efficient.

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