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Education as a Spectrum

Date: March 9 2020

Summary: The idea that there is no clear delineation of knowledge in reality.

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    1. Kuhnian Reasoning on Non-Linearity of Education
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My best friend Wesley Samples believes that education – and for that matter, knowledge – falls more along a spectrum than in discrete categories (such as Mathematics and Biology). One can look at biology and find the idea of the golden ratio repeated across nature [1], [2]; example being the Aeonium Tabuliforme:

saucer plant

There is the idea of the creature being a biological entity motivating questions such as

Kuhnian Reasoning on Non-Linearity of Education

Beyond Kuhn's general musing in the _Structure of Scientific Revolutions, his thought can also be linked to the notion that science and education is not linear.

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Zelko, Jacob. Education as a Spectrum. March 9 2020.


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