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How To Imagine an RDF as an ACSet

Date: February 18 2022

Summary: How RDFs can be conceptualized as an ACSet

Keywords: #rdf #acset #graph #triple #archive


W3C, "RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax." (accessed Feb. 18, 2022).

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RDFs can be also formulated as ACSets. To show how this is possible, let's walk through an example on how this happens:

The RDF triples "The sky is colored blue.", "Grass is colored green.", and "The ocean is colored blue" can all be represented as a Directed Multigraph \(G\).

graph LR

sky --is colored--> blue
ocean --is colored--> blue
grass --is colored--> green
\[ G \]

can be thought of as an instance implementation of an ACSet representation of the RDF format. The ACSet schema defined for this family of RDFs can be defined at a higher level abstraction as follows:

Thing --is colored--> Color

Thing represents a generalized Subject Object, Color represents a generalized Resource Object, and is colored defines the Predicate morphism for this Category of RDFs.

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