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As We May Think

Date: January 11 2021

Summary: An overview on Vannevar Bush's concept of a memex and additional thoughts on the issue of information overload

Keywords: ##bibliography #memex #thinking #knowledge #management #archive


V. Bush and others, "As we may think," The Atlantic monthly, vol. 176, no. 1, pp. 101–108, 1945.

Table of Contents

    1. The Failure of the Publication Machine
    2. The idea of Automated Knowledge Systems
    3. Regarding Thought
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  3. Discussion:

The Failure of the Publication Machine

Publication has been extended beyond usefulness of the record. Current methods for finding relevant information is impractical.

THOUGHTS: Very convicting retrospection on how we handle copious amounts of information. A record which contains too little information is not informative and one that contains too much is overwhelming.

Those who try to stay current with research may have difficulty to recall last month's material studied.

THOUGHTS: This is so convicting! Even though it is a nearly 80 year old paper, the problems that he discusses are still in existence! The problem of having too many papers and the inability to extract the truly worthwhile pieces of information are still present.

The idea of Automated Knowledge Systems

When one associates information along logical processes, creativity is limited to data selection to match a process. After this initial surge of creativity, the work is fit for automation

Regarding Thought

There exist no substitute for nuanced thinking. Imagination and repetitious thinking are diverse. Repetitive thought is much easier automated.

THOUGHTS: I like this notion of repetitive thought. As much as there are repetitive thought, there are repetitive actions accordingly.

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