Cannes SFC Nominated Short Film,

Film still featuring lead actress, Breanna Ivey

Jacob Zelko
by Jacob Zelko
~1 min read

Synopsis: A man tries to move on from his personal agony until he is brutally reminded of the consequences of his mistakes. He is forced to relive emotional trauma as he discovers the thin line between life and death.

Cast & Crew

Director: Angelik Laboy
Writers: Ben Breer, Adam Snoll, Ian Haessler
Producers: Adam Snoll, Keerthi Ramachandran
Actors: Chris Fredd, Breanna Ivey
Directors of Photography: Destiny Wilson, Peter Zupke
Camera Operators: Helena Makendengue, Andrew Tai
Editors: Andrew Tai, Angelik Laboy, Brishay Boyd, Drake Witt
Digital Colorist: Ian Haessler
Composer: Jacob Zelko
Sound Production: Brie Kozlowski

Awards and Nominations


Campus Movie Festival Jury Award Winner 2018


Cannes Film Festival Short Film Córner Selection 2019